Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Twittering in Times of Disasters

Its a very wet season here in the Philippines and the wet season means typhoons. Tropical storm "Jolina" just passed and our humanitarian arm Operation Blessing was already mobilizing in the wake of the storm.

As par of our fundraising efforts for the storm season, I ventured into I created an account for our organization, obphil, and started inviting people to follow. I used Facebook for this initially. My observation is that I may be doing something wrong as the followers were not coming in.

I was envisioning using Twitter to reach out to partners, both current and potential, and this experiment may be proving that our partners are not the crazy about this phenomenon called Twitter.

Which leads me to a very important point. Experimentation. We need find out if new technology or techniques can be useful for our own organization and for our own fundraising efforts. Twitter may be the fad today but it may not be for everyone.

God bless!

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