Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kodak Moments

Does your non-profit have a reasonably knowledgeable photographer on-staff or as a volunteer?

As the saying goes, "Pictures are worth more than a thousand words." Photos are like a-sentimo-a-dozen in these days of the digital camera. Almost everyone has a camera, but, also everyone's knowledge is limited to pushing the shutter button, and sadly, nothing else.

Photo sites abound on the internet that shows anyone with a digital point and shoot camera get excellent results. These sites help you by showing you how to compose better, telling you how to use you camera, etc.

But then, nothing beats having an experienced photographer document your project. Aside from having better equipment, they also know how to capture the right (Kodak) moment. They can show more emotion from your subjects, put them in better lighting and so much more.

Most non-profits take their own photo documentation and try to learn it themselves, sometimes to the detriment of the organization. It is very easy to get volunteer photographers that will give your images more oomph!

So, how do you get better images?

1. Find out your local camera club and go to their meetings. Some meet informally, while others have more "official" setups. 8-) Again you can use Google for this. It is fairly easy. A lot of photographers are always waiting for opportunities to shoot. Present your cause and you'll easily get responses.

2. Buy a second hand wedding magazine. Look at the back and take note of the wedding photographers advertising their services. Write them a letter or visit them and give them a proposal. Wedding photographers are great documentarians becuase that is what they really do, document a couple's wedding. And their great in portraiture!

3. Get the names of your local newspaper's staff photographer. Contact them and ask them if they can cover your event or project. If its newsworthy, they'll come.

4. Get the names of your local newspaper's editor-in-chief. Get them as advocates of your cause and they'll send their paper's staff photographer.

5. Upgrade your point-and-shoot to a second hand entry level DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) Camera like Nikon's D40 or Canon's 350D and their respective kit lens. Take time to learn from other people and you would easily increase the quality of your photos.

6. Get another person to do it! If you are leading the organization and still take the photos, this work for a while but get messy in the long run. Better have someone on-staff to learn it. You have better things to do.

Tomorrow again folks! God bless!

Camera Club of the Philippines: http://www.cameraclub.ph
Images Camera Club: http://www.imagescameraclub.org --> This is a Cebu City based camera club
Alpha Camera Club: http://www.alphacameraclub.com
Marikina Digital Photographer's Club: http://www.catchinglights.org
Anton Sheker's Photographer's Guide: http://www.photo.net.ph/blogalicious/photography-guide/

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