Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hands on or Hands Off?

Greetings from Siquijor!

As non-profits, we are expected to be leading the charge that will further our cause. That is why, the head is the best spokesperson for the organization. If you are reading this and you lead a non-profit, are you the one I just described?

The head should always be in the best position to communicate the non-profit's work and should be very intimate with it. Whatever question that you encounter that is related to your non-profit, it should always have a definite answer. Generalities should be avoided. The answer should always be to the point. This shows that you are in touch with what you do and makes you very credible and trustworthy of one's support. Anyone other than you is the most credible to communicate what your non-proft does.

The head should not avoid, at any cost, the role of making your cause known. We cannot be too shy about it because that is our role. ANo one can replace you and until such time when someone who is thoroughly conversant with what the non-profit does, then that is your sole role.

God bless from Siquijor!

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