Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Volunteer!

Volunteerism is one of the pillars of the nonprofit world. Period.

The PinoyFundraiser should not only seek monetary gifts, the PF should be soliciting manpower also. Manpower that could give a substantial savings to the non-profit. And savings means more funds to allocate to projects. Plus, you give people a sense of purpose. You give them a very good alternative from their day-to-day living.

People volunteering for even just a couple of days in a week--or even a year--is so much to be thankful for. Volunteers are also advocates. When you convince them that your non-profit is worth his time and effort, soon enough, that person will be mentioning you to his family, then to friends. They'll mention you on blogs, websites, in social networks, etc.

So not only did you gain an additional hand, you also get goodwill. That volunteer may even be giving your non-profit money (you may not even know about it). There's a lot to do in your office. In your mission site. They can type your reports. Hey, they can even do your fundraising!

They may also be the future of your organization. I read somewhere that volunteers are more passionate than your paid staff because they joined your organization without expecting anything. They mean only to do one thing, to make a difference through your non-profit.

See you next time!

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