Friday, July 24, 2009


The task having somebody else do the dirty job for you so you can do more. Is that an acceptable definition?

But it is just as it says. For a small non-profit, the Pinoy Fundraiser may well-off to be outsourcing menial tasks that distract you from doing fundraising.

For example, lettershopping. If you are not as control freaks as others, you can definitely outsource your lettershopping. It means having another company fold, insert and glue you mailer. IT can probably go as much as having them mail it straight to the post office. This is one very good reason to outsource. There are pros and cons though.

My personal experience with outsourcing lettershopping is that the suppliers I met cannot always do what I want. Either it is too expensive or they do not have the facility.

You can also outsource your accounting, your payroll, your events management and organization, photography, facilities, etc.

Outsourcing does not always you have to pay though. You may want to outsource to home-based volunteers. So you may want to keep this in mind when you pay your bills the next time. Can I outsource this expense that I should not be doing.

Have a great weekend!

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