Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What does your newsletter look like? Part 1

Are you even making one?

I believe all non-profits should have a newsletter. Even if it is contained inside a letter, if it is providing information about the organization, then it is still a "news"letter. So, do you have one?

Here are some suggestions at how your newsletter should look like:

1. If you are a small non-profit, with a small operational budget and a small staff, restrain yourself from going full color. Not only is it expensive, it also does not represent well with partners. Most of them will think that you should instead channel your expenses to whatever project you are doing.

2. A well laid-out newsletter looks good even if it is in black and white. A person's creativity is more evident in how that person cope up with constraints.

3. One color does not necesarily mean it should be black. You can use your corporate color as long as it it pleasing to the eye. Tell your printer that your publication will not use black ink. you will have to specify this color clearly with your supplier.

4. If your printer has a two-color press then, consider making your newsletter a two-color publication. There are a lot of choices for this color scheme if you a very knowledgeable designer. the cost difference is not substantial.

5. I've read this a long time ago and i will say it again. Use only a maximum of three fonts. Two is ideal. There are instances when multiple fonts will work but that is not the majority. Avoid making your newsletter look like a ransom note.

6. Photos and some colors like yellow do not reproduce well on photocopiers so beware.

7. Don't cram as much text as possible. My first rule when making newsletters is to make readability a priority. A clear and concise story will win hands-down in readership.

I'll post part 2 tomorrow. God bless!

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